Thursday, September 6, 2012

north face arctic with a sigh

the cyclotron particle accelerator project, the Three-North Shelterbelt Project and the Milky Way project, but they are not in direct conflict with our government, not dared to take these three things continue to make a fuss? So now you is equivalent to a shield, all the attacks are cited in the past, temporary protection of our planet data, but also to the Government to relieve the pressure. the expense of your own image up to be feeling almost round small to preserve the Great, is not very cost you? a few years ago that several countries in the movement than it is now much, we are not all good luck, even a blessing in disguise? Listen to Young Chau said this with such words lengthy, nfl a statement issued not simply lying on the sofa and had to move, Young Island is finished,nike air max acg, there was silence for a long time. When the Yang Chow would like to say a relaxed topic to change the atmosphere of the time, nfl sat the body, with a sigh: think, this time, they do not for my personal,north face arctic, not just for the planetary data, they want big bang to bring down our entire country. So this time, unless there is a big miracle, otherwise we are difficult to get by! nfl to be so serious, Yang Chow stunned for a moment, hesitated and asked: nfl shook his head and feebly said: discuss this issue. Yang you have been busy to stay in touch, I temporarily not tell you. Eyes flashed a naked, nfl added: let us ride on their heads, helplessly watching us grow in a step by step. I thought it was my good luck, means clever, or is the deterrent

Sunday, September 2, 2012

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The most powerful appeal to its working mechanism with the black hole almost all the time does not absorb endless spiritual power, and then radiate one of the most pure spiritual power the lightwave. Such spiritual force the lightwave able to nourish the spirits of all life, is here all spirit creatures survive this.
The most powerful creature here, sucked the fate of the spirit.
Fourth day, called With the outside world is almost here, but everything here gravity outside the physical conditions of the most marginalized areas are outside a hundred times, where he served as the the sun role of celestial turned out to be a black hole in the center of the world, called Black hole all the time around the matter and energy absorbed into, and then to the X in the form of light waves, matter and energy to be transformed, and then radiated Fortunately, this black hole forces weakened as the distance changes very powerful The whole world was spared the fate be all absorbed into the black hole.
Creatures here, because there is no visible light irradiation, bath life is an X-ray of life here are blind, they judge everything around, dependent infrared sensing organs of the body,cheap nfl jerseys, or it should be called , there are a very small part of biological ears as his eyes.
This is a forever dark world, there is no trace of light visible light, are absorbed by the black hole. Fortunately, the light waves outside the visible light, the black hole does not absorb, otherwise there would be no creature can survive.
Because of this reason, here is named as a The most powerful life there is similar to the black hole forces The black hole, which is a kind of have their own life and consciousness of the black hole sun: a living hell.
Fifth Heaven is called God throughout day.
This is the closest the world with the real world.
No, this can be said is perfect than the real world a hundred times, a thousand times, even tens of thousands of generations of the world!
This world, everywhere plants, everywhere shengjing the beauty of a river, a tree is not as flawless perfect!
Here has all the beautiful creatures in the real world also has the beautiful creatures only in myth or legend exists in the real world already extinct.
There are numerous powerful creatures, the powerful biological countless legends! Dragon, phoenix, unicorn, unicorns, elves and so on and so on ...
All ugly, as if does not exist in this world, even the most aggressive, most powerful creatures are so gentle.
And the real world, where creatures do not need to kill other organisms as their food. Because in this world, extremely abundant Reiki energy. Whether it is the most helpless creatures, still the most powerful biological have a natural instinct,fake oakley sunglasses, as their food directly with Reiki and energy rather than by killing other Health