Monday, December 3, 2012

north face men jacket the Dutch football to several decades

Volendam is not a force play in the team, the team several players have a good foot of technology. Fact, the Netherlands close off Denmark,north face men jacket, Germany, but football is no way the neighbors stained style a tenacious, tough play, but insist on defending the whole, they inherited from Cruyff era the technical football.
Whether the national-level team, or club, are defending the whole technology play as the main technical and tactical adherence Because of this, the Dutch football to several decades, so defending the whole of the Netherlands football business cards, technology and passion to become the main colors of the Dutch football.
Turning to China, vast land, customs significant differences between football characteristics from south to north, from east to west, are of the same tactics of some clubs insist on holding a high hit,fake oakleys; others insist that the permeability of the ground, technology-oriented; There half technology; half the strength and some even insist on technology last season, this season, insisted force ... So to the national team in this case it is very embarrassing, quite a long period of time, a lot of people can not say own
?National team in the end is what kind of technical and tactical style head team? Zhu strong, tough? Think of nearly two decades of fear Korea disease, we still face spoken?
Thailand and other team is weak, but they always adhere to the foot of the technology; the Korean always talks about the ; Iran more than internationals studying abroad in Germany, the German football

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