Saturday, January 5, 2013

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Her breast line, as well as being more daring, but directly to the gold coins hidden place toward the lower body of a woman stuffed inside. Suddenly the the woman Johnson laughter and the man laughed mixed in with, say more debauchery, How debauchery. addition, those dense table sat a variety of characters, some a samurai clothing is the mercenary adventurers ilk characters see some paunchy, a rich gas, apparently not businessmen are businessmen, there was a look of extravagance, see the jerseys of a pedestrian walking when his face to reveal a surprised expression, who apparently is the character of the of imperial nobles or officials ilk, even also see the jerseys, the embarrassed expression on his face, jerseys frown a moment to recognize these people is a priest of the Holy See, he originally thought was feeding two, but think about the place where he is now , only shook his head sigh of copies. these people in any case, few women are sitting around, without exception, their hands constantly stroking up and down, only one smiles tenderly again and again, Yinmi extremely confused those women. one side of the hall there is a small table, a woman dressed in white, really close their eyes constantly stroking proceed harp, a few look decent man standing beside her, colored eyes of anxious look , but they are nothing but put on a decent appearance, constantly talking to see this scene, jerseys could not help but stop and glances. seem to be noticed jerseys expressions, Fisher prince turned and looked, casually: "harp, in accordance with the rules here are performers do not sell their bodies, no matter what the identity of the person, in this place you want to touch the kind of stuff, you have to look at their own ability, and if Who dares to bully, I am afraid that will soon be thrown out, how ...... jerseys you that women are interested in this? any, I let Charlene woman arrange it. "jerseys smile soon, said : "or forget it, gentlemen do not takes away people's likes ... there has been so many people." Fisher prince laughed and said: "What a gentleman not seize what they. ..... It seems your jerseys on the a distant continent Oriental culture studies, and she is very, very ah! "Yuehua Jian, a few people have been led by Charlene woman, from a corner of the hall to go into the go in after the sound of the hall suddenly down, apparently soundproofing here has done a very good down the stairs, soon to an Accord, Accord put several single table in four weeks The Fisher Prince et al Zilai Shu, to find a place to sit down in Accord, jerseys desperation, can only sit in Fisher princes around it, and that Charlene Ms. has a look of respectful standing at the entrance of the Accord, only waiting for the Fisher princes commanded Fisher prince sat in no rush to do other jerseys,custom jerseys cheap, but looked a lightly: "jerseys you, you are on local How does it feel? "jerseys sigh breath, said:

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