Sunday, January 13, 2013

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The backyard, see the the palace butler and bodyguard are still waiting, paragraph fly in a single glance over, Goodfellas, just to have a lot of beard there are three,Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys, are the palace of the elderly, including Zhu Chen and Luo An, segments flying remember his name is Chen Yin. paragraph fly sitting just princess sat on a chair, and told: "Zhu butler, called to me they have to come." Zhu Chen with everyone to paragraph fly before fly Road segment: "have been identified, Chunxi hanged himself to death, but ..." paragraph fly eyes all 11 swept, I saw other people in addition to Hu more excited anxiously Listen carefully, no particular expression. paragraph fly went on: "But Chunxi hanged himself because she had been gang raped afternoon ......" What! who? I'm going to kill him! "Hu face distorted roar up, he turned to the person beside eleven looked fiery eyes, to see people have said: "I did not, and Hu, you calm down." Yes, Hu you calm down, to the officer to find the perpetrators also justice. "Duan Fei shouted Hu slightly calm down, two lines of tears fall silent, his head in his hands kneeling on the ground, whining cry Duan Fei sigh loudly, continued: spur of the moment "Chunxi being raped after, so he hanged himself in that brutish personally killed Chunxi Once the officer to find the perpetrators, given referrals Princess emperor, this villain strictly punish, given chopped Rao! "Luo Ann said: paragraph adult interrogations spent a lot of time went in turn touches out quickly, I do not know whether it has found a clue what?" ; the paragraph fly glanced Luo Ann vertical to the chest, black beard, said: "Yes, the officer found some clues, please sleeves pulled up to now, the Chunxi once struggling struggling, perhaps in that beast left arm claw out bloodstains. "did not hesitate to roll up their sleeves, and then looked to the left and right, even Hu stood up, roll up their sleeves, Humu wide open to others. arm looked. twenty-four arms clean, What's bloodstains? everyone watching around Youxiang paragraph fly looked Duan Fei sighed: "It seems that the Chunxi no scratches that beast's arm, maybe grab injury is that other parts of the body of the beast, you are martial arts, should fear this cold? order to find out the truth, but also with the shirt off, let the officer look at those of you who do new injury, the presence of the man, it is not difficult to do it? "Zhu Chen smiled and said:" This is what is difficult? next to the woman looked at them to be willing to do the weekday practice in the playground who not only wears article big pants? off it, their shirt off, take a look at the segment adults. "PS: early in the morning and left at home on October 3 wedding banquet Oh, we eat with my wedding party red envelope greatly handed! ... hey, kidding, we give a red ticket, more than a reward I point aspect currency it! halo, and when they the pig | Mao Doucheng forbidden word? weighs ... everyone Yi Yan began to undress, paragraph fly carefully observe their demeanor, suddenly, he found Zhu Chen Lu Bing staring at, his eyes shining straight, Duan Fei surprised a moment, suddenly come to understand, and can not help but dark sip mouth, this old guy actually likes small boy everyone wearing the clothes do not have much more

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